I think I might have to switch to monthly updates about my life. There so many things that happen and I’ve been trying to live in the moment, so I’m not documenting as much as should. 
Let’s recap August-
I made over 800 new photos, started a whole new Instagram account and repurposed one that I already had. When we create an Instagram account, people tend to follow it because your work follows a certain theme or trend. I believe photographers should be able to switch up what they want to shoot at any time. We are human, after all, and we want to try new things. We shouldn’t be thinking about likes or what our followers expect. 
So at this moment I have four Instagrams, and here’s why:
@TunnelVisionNYC -
My name brand account. I’ve had this name for the last ten years and I will never change it. In the beginning I always wanted TunnelvisionNYC to be my main brand while having sub brands under it. You might be thinking, my main brand isn’t well-known enough to have sub brands, and you are right if that’s what you’re thinking, but it’s because every year I change focus. I am interested in a bunch of different styles and types of photography. I want TunnelvisionNYC to be the over arching brand where you can find photography, prints, rates read my blog. I didn’t start shooting in black and white and always had a love-hate relationship with color. The last few weeks, I’ve been forcing myself to shoot in color more and less in black and white. I’ve also been using the Jpeg files because I’ve been trying out new film recipes from …... It turns out, I love the color so much I decided to get a film camera to test out the real film stocks. More on that later.
@BNWSight -
I wanted a place to showcase black and white photos that I enjoyed making. I want it to follow a certain format and tone. I had to create a new preset to make all my photos match. I noticed that my black and white photos can be edited differently depending on my my mood. I think after 30 photos I can change the black and white preset I use in my photos, but all my photos will be a 1:1 ratio.  Limiting the frame doesn’t stop my creativity, but it forces me to think differently. It helps you can change the format on all my digital cameras (1:1, 16:9, etc). 
My newest Instagram page’s sole focus is film photography. I have always loved film but never spent the time to research it. Over the last few months, I saw the Mamiya RB/RZ 67 everywhere on Youtube. I started to look around on keh.com / Bhphotos / Adorama and couldn’t find it anywhere. I knew Keh  gets new inventory in often so I stayed persistent with my search. After two weeks, an RZ appeared on the site, and I immediately purchased it. 
I also had a Canon AE-1 hanging around, but I thought it was no more than home decor, sitting on a shelf. The lever that allowed me to put film into the camera didn’t work. After not using it for four years, it seemed to make sense in my head as to why it was unusable. I’d been wanting to get a 35mm camera because carrying a medium format film camera around is very heavy and not always practical. I own the Fuji GFX 50R and even that is lighter than the Mamiya. So I started looking around for a more portable film camera. I love rangefinder style cameras, so I started there.
Every where I looked, I kept seeing Leica. I did learn about different rangefinder brands like Voigtlander, Olympus 35 sp, Konica, Yashica, and Contax. Even Canon and Nikon have created some rangefinder style cameras.  While doing this research, I kept playing around with my Canon AE-1 and the film back opened up. For the last week I’ve tested two rolls of film and it seems like the camera actually works. However, will this stop me from buying a rangefinder camera? A Leica? Maybe. Maybe not. 
I’ve had this account for a while and never really post on it. It is my personal acocunt. I am trying my best to stop creating non-photography posts on Tunnelvisionnyc. AKA, you can follow Raw.Sight if you want to see all my War Zone wins. 
My friends make fun of me because I have more than one Instagram, but it isn’t hard to manage. I create a few draft posts once a week and just post what I want, when I want. I am also testing out whether you can still grow organically on instagram. I hope by December I can share some results. 

If you learned anything new or enjoyed reading, please don’t be afraid to leave a comment below. Thanks. 

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